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As'salammualaikum My dear Beautiful Readers~ :)

When ever that we hear the word CONFIDENCE, What is the first thing/word that Comes into your mind dear ones? :) Ever Wonder why is it that some people are just full of assurance & confidence within themselves sweethearts? :)

Confidence shouldn't be place upon the brand nor price of the clothes or even the make ups that we wear dear ones, but rather the smile that we share which helps to brighten other people's day :)

Personally, I have never been a huge fan of branded items~ BUT Don't get me wrong though dear ones~ :) I'm not saying that those who loves branded items are not good~ no, of course not. I guess, this all falls back to 1 important matter: Our Very Own Preferences~ :)

Being brought up by my 2 lovely parents who are always so very average & simple kind of people has a HUGE impact on this matter per say as well~ :) As My Mama always reminded me that we should Never allow what we wear on our body nor face to influence how we feel towards ourselves what more our mood for the day~ Because our clothes nor make ups should NEVER define who we truly are~ Rather, always allow our heart to outshine among others~ :)

Not that I don't like branded items at all sweeties..hehe..*who wouldn't* it's just that I perceive them as over pricey items, maybe because as an accounting student we learnt that the cost in producing most branded items by the manufacturer are actually on average about the same as non-branded items. However, what differentiates them both are the brands & labels~ :) Being a very well known brand, an item would of course need to maintain a certain reputation~ Hence, with that they would definitely need to uphold the status for the niche group of people~ :)

You see dear ones, even in Islam Allah swt has forbid us from placing our heart into what we wear~ because when we do so then there's a high chance that we might actually feel over proud of ourselves & might end up being arrogant without realizing it~ This of course is something that is against Islam's teaching & value~ :) Islam has always taught us to be humble & to stay average in everything that we do~

To be honest with you dear ones, if people were to take a look at my closet, they'd be surprised of the clothes that I have because I can happily tell all of you that almost 98% of them are non-branded items~ I know this might sound a lil bit weird, but then I have always loved to shop for cheap things. This means that I shop at places such as FOS, bazaar, flea markets and even pre-loved items *which is My very Most favorite  hehehe~ :) *told ya that I am very weird* ;)

In my personal opinion, we do not need to wear anything that is branded nor very pricey if we want to style up our clothes~ What is more important is our confidence~ When we are confident of who we are, then InsyaALLAH what ever the we wear would look pleasant on us~ Of course ONE MOST important thing is to always wear a HUGE BRIGHT SMILE with that confident of ours~ then InsyaALLAH, we shall have the perfect combination dear ones~ :) 

My dear sweetheart, DO NOT EVER allow anyone to pull us down just because we wear clothes, make ups or even handbags which are not branded or pricey, because what matters is that we're happy & most importantly comfortable in what we wear~ :) 

p/s: here's a lil tips on how to save~.. Always try to mix & match our new clothes with the old ones that we originally have (vintage ones) This shall do the trick in making sure that we have a variety of styles to wear~ ;) Good LuCk sweethearts~ & have fun in styling~ but no matter what, always place in mind that LESS is MORE ;) 

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