♥ FoY's: Hijab Tutorial 1 :) ♥

As'salammualaikum Dear Ones~ :)
As Promised, this Shall be the very first hijab tutorial made by me~ :)
I am truly sorry dear ones for the poor editing as this is the first time that 
I am using iMovie to edit any videos hence it might not be that good~ :)
*InsyaALLAH* I'll try to improve my video editing skills in the near future.

Hope you dear ones are able to understand this tutorial~ Id love to hear any 
comments, questions or suggestions from all of you dear ones~ 
Hence, feel free to do so in a gentle manner please sweetheart~ :) 

I Hope you girls would still have the time to try 'em out for this upcoming
Eid Mubarak~ Remember sweeties, practice makes perfect~ ;) *Good LuCk
& Have Fun Trying out this Style* :) Again, I am truly sorry for any thing
 that was lacking or wrong in this video~ :)

Till we meet again for the 2nd tutorial~ Stay Tuned & Take Care~ :)


Ena.Adrina said...

Loveee it kak aimie! :D

Nanie Hussin said...

I love it! thank you for sharing aimie! :)

nurul huda said...

thanx kak aimie.. really love it.. simple and nice... :DD

ArxarNadhirah said...

thanks you soo much!
kakak comel sgt-sgt. and tak kedekut ilmu tau
moga Allah sentiase berkati hidup kakak. insyaAllah.
I Love You soo much! <3<3<3

SyASyA SaNi said...

love it!!thanx~! ;)

kims said...

kak aimie, still remember me ? its nisa the one yg jumpa U masa sola hari raya harituu. nice postttt :) great to know U.