♥ Winning the Heart ♥

 When trying to win over someone's heart we

should ALWAYS be the REAL US & NOT someone 

whom we "think" that the person might fall for.

We have got to believe in faith~ 

if it's MEANT to be, that person will 

definitely fall for WHO WE ARE~

We don't need to be beautiful on the outside.. 

it is the beauty within, that will last forever~

Because At the end of the day, OUR

TRUE COLORS will always outshine itself~


Currently listening to this song 

over & over again & lovin' it~:)

Plain White T's - Rhythm Of Love


ArxarNadhirah said...

nice one dear.
sweety, xde jual lagi ke shawl satin tu.
huu cantek~~ T_T

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

Arxar dear,

the shawl satin baru je di-restock, InsyaALLAH suma items dah ada blk~ :)

boleh check them out at this link:

thank u for the support sweetie~ :)

Wani said...

wah! gamba mcm berdiri atas air, hehe..

ps: baru lepas baca blog bella della rosa, ada post ttg cik aimie, so suweet~ ^^