♥ ~ Stuck Like Glue ~ ♥

I don't know why but this song never fails to put a smile on

 my face each time when I listen to it :) Hope that it'll somewhat 

give the same effect to all of you dear ones as well~ :)

I strongly believe that the person whom we choose to 

become our life partner clearly describes who we are :)

Being in a relationship isn't just about sharing the love

that we have for each other But Rather HONORING it.

This means that both parties needs to know how to 

honor each other by always maintaining the dignity 

of our spouse in the eyes of others as well.

When we love someone, it doesn't necessarily mean that we

need to be by their side 24/7 to show our loyalty support. 

Sometimes, just by giving them some space to work it out 

on their own, we are actually allowing them to grow 

& become a better person instantly~ 

Those who truly love us are NOT fooled by mistakes we 

have made or dark images we hold about ourselves.

They remember our beauty when we feel ugly;

our wholeness when we are broken;

our innocence when we feel guilty;

& our purpose when we are confused :)

We'll know that we are in LOVE when our Partner 

has imperfections & yet we are able to Accept them,

When we Admit that we are far from Perfect 

But we're Willing to Make Compromises,

When we Realize that if we work together to 

support each other then InsyaALLAH nothing 

shall be able to Stop either of us.

We Can Have all that we have Always wanted in life, 


The beautiful thing about love is that it should

ALWAYS encourage us to improve ourselves 

to become A BETTER person, to love one

another because of ALLAH swt :) 

But that is just my perspective 

about what love is all about..


Recently someone very special wrote
Some remarkable things that truly touched 
my heart & made me feel so honored~

Will definitely write about it 
Very S.O.O.N :)

Kakak love you my dear beautiful

 Bella Dela Rosa


Atiqah Alluru said...

what a beautiful reflection..indeed!
i'm pretty sure that everybody wants to be loved, in particular, by d people we love..
n we know that love comes from we need to hold it tight and appreciate d person sending by God..

hope whatever u wish will come true sist :)

*btw, actually da lame nak tegur u tp segan.especially kt facebook^^

bella dela rosa said...

kakak please dont write bout me.maluuuuu hehe.

btw i always and will always loveeeee you.

dila said...

akak aimi . I'm really love this entry . and ape pun lah entry akak esp about love . thank you for writing something yang sangat meaningful for me :)

dila said...

akak , suka sangat entry ni . thank you for sahring something yang meaningful for me esp about love :)

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

Atiqah Alluru:
thank you dear~ :) & what you said are all so true~ personally sis sgt2 agree with every single bit of it~ Alhamdulillah, sis rase very lucky to know someone who truly understand why we should appreciate the love that was sent to us by HIM~ :) Alaa~ tamau laa segan dear~ :) <3 sis nie promise that I won't bite ;) hehe.. It's been a pleasure knowing u atiqah~

bella dela rosa:
it's toooo laate sweetheart~ :P ehhehe.. dah write dah pun~ nnti kakak reveal kn all the lovely comments from your secret admirers on the post about u k syg.. :) love u too sweetie~ alwayysss~ <3

Alhamdulillah~ :) thank u for appreciating what akak have written dear~ :) it really2 means A LOT to akak tau~ May you find true happiness with the person whom you love & loves you back with all his heart dila dear~ :) InsyaALLAH~ take care~