~I truly admire you~

Have You ever seen a beautiful lady whom you might 
not know in the beginning but wished that you do.? :)

I know I did~ *wink2*

The first time that I visited this beautiful lady's blog, I straight away fell 
in love with her outer beauty~ & as I read through all her blog post, I 
fell more deeply in love with her inner beauty..I silently wished that I 
was actually a man instead~  *yes..hehe..until to that extend* :))
*owh, her beauty is indeed beyond words*

A lady who has such charming smile, bright eyes, lovable characteristics, 
very humble, dainty & yet demure..She's ALL that & so much MORE~ 
~SubhanALLAH~ She is truly one of ALLAH swt's beautiful creation.
Right from the beginning even before I got to her, I sincerely felt that the 
man who would manage to win her heart in the end is definitely one of 
the luckiest man~ 

So, you might be wondering Whom might I be talking about here huh..? :) 

Well, she's none other than our beautiful Lady Bella Dela Rosa~

told ya she's beautiful~ ;)
Her first ever blog post that I read was 'Kenapa Wanita Cemburu dengan Bidadari'
The topic itself caught my eyes because personally to me it was a very interesting topic.
Something that I honestly have never thought about~ Despite the fact that the post was a 
lil lengthy, I still read every inch of it because everything about it was really knowledgeable 
especially this part :~
“Di syurga nanti, selagi puan tak berenggang dengan suami puan, suami puan seakan-akan tak nampak pun bidadari. Tak perlu lah puan risau sangat. Yang penting sekarang, usahakan agar puan bersama suami dapat menjadi ahli syurga. Kalau isteri terpaksa masuk neraka buat sementara, dan suami yang masuk syurga dulu, saya tak jamin la bidadari tak ganggu dia..” Padat dan bersahaja jawapan yang diberikan ustaz, disambut gelak ketawa hadirin. Si datin tunduk sambil tersenyum kelat.

Hmm..kenapa suami tak nampak bidadari bila isterinya ada? Sebab wanita ahli syurga kelak akan dijadikan oleh Allah sebagai ketua bidadari. Hebatnya kecantikan ketua bidadari ni, adalah ibarat cahaya bulan mengambang penuh di musim panas. Para bidadari yang lain pula ibarat bintang-bintang yang bertaburan di sekelilingnya. Hanya menyerlah tika bulan menyepi.

Maka apabila Ketua Bidadari itu hadir, si suami seolah-olah terpukau, dan bidadari yang lain seakan tak kelihatan, ataupun nampak kecil saja. Macam gadis jelita dikelilingi budak-budak tadika. Tentu saja fokus si suami takkan beralih dari melihat isterinya."
she truly looks like a real bidadari already huh..? :) *hearts*
Alhamdulillah, After reading that post she made me realized so many things that before this I took 
lightly about. Personally, the main reason why I love reading her blog is because she encourages improvements. Never once have I actually seen her talk about anything negative inside her blog~ SubhanALLAH :) 
dainty & yet demure
'Musuh' Another one of her post that I can prove to you my dear ones how unique she is because from 
the way that she writes, even when she tries to point out some things which aren't quite good however, 
she would not deny her imperfections~ This is something that I truly respect about her. I am sure that 
not many of us would be able to admit to the people whom we might not know at all our weaknesses 
because as a human being, normally we'd try to hide it. 
her charming smile~ :) *melts*
Aside from Her Wittiness & Wisdom that is already something so obvious by now, *MasyaALLAH*
Another reason why I find her special is because despite being fashionable *I just love her styles* she 
never forgets to present her identity as a muslimah~ In a way to me she proves to everyone out there 
that even covered, a woman can still look attractive~ :) *check out her pictures below*
who said that just because a woman is covered, her activities would be restricted..? :)
She just proved us wrong
*kakak sgt2 proud of u bella* 
She's a true beauty indeed :)
While I was going through her blog, I had this one wishful thinking. Since 
she's the same age as my brother who's studying in London, I somehow 
really wished that she'd become my future lil sister in-law. Maybe because 
from the moment that I got to know her, I had this instinct telling me that 
my mom would not only approve her but will definitely LOVE someone 
who is as wonderful as she is~ :) 
*maybe it was also because I wanted to keep her all to myself hehe.*
Tell me which mother in law wouldn't be more than happy to have a
daughter-in-law as great as she is~ :)
I honestly don't know how I got this lucky to be given such opportunity to 
know an Amazing lady like her, but I am MORE than grateful for this fate 
destined by ALLAH swt~ ALHAMDULILLAH~ :)

She once wrote something that truly touched my heart~ something that was
really2 unexpected because at that moment, I just got to know this beautiful 
lady for just about a few days. However, what she wrote was beyond 
anything that I can explain how deep & special it meant to me~ :) 

All that I pray is that Please O'ALLAH, protect this special lady of yours.
Please Make her be among those whom will be able to achieve happiness 
in this lifetime & hereafter~ *aMeeN*

I really hope & pray that the friendship, love & respect that
 the both of us share will last *InsyaALLAH* forever~ :)
Today, on the 20th of June shall be the 1st day of her final exams~ Let us together pray for her success~ :)

*InsyaALLAH you'll definitely pass with flying colors Bella dear, *aMeeN* :)

If anyone of you would like to visit her lovely blog, it's :

p/s: I am sure that there are many other ladies out there who are as special as our dear Bella,
I really do pray that in our life we'd be able meet more wonderful lady like her~ *aMeeN* 


Anonymous said...

agree! kak bella memang sgt cantik luar and dalam.. :)

Nanie Hussin said...

it's really sweet post aimi. yes indeed, bella such a wonderful and adorable girl. some goes to you too aimi. nice 'meeting' all the adorable girls like you all;)

cik fazilah said...

huhu how sweet she the way, both of you, i really adore! :)

nawariah :) said...

yes , kakak ini sangat cantik. macam bidadari . also you , sister (:

bella dela rosa said...


you are being sued for taking too many pictures.sila bayar dengan kadar segera tett tett tett.

yaAllah kakakkkk,kite exam teringat what u wrote kang.rajin nyeeeee buat gambar semua jadi camni.

emm emm kite terharu tapi tapi nak senyummmm je..haish rasa nak peluk cium cepat2 la camni.tq kakak for all of ur compliment.:)somehow part of it i dont think i deserve it.

but i would like to say Alhamdulillah as if u say im pretty,thx to Allah,Allah the creator,thanx to him for this magnificient creation.same goes to you and other human as a borrower,very appreciate and thankful as He create me and us without any imperfection.

about what i wrote,sometime we do a mistake,we realize it but we claim that we are not given such hidayah to change the bad to good one.eventhough we know that thing is totally as well kadang2 buat salah tapi degil sangat nak berubah.sebb tu ingat memperingati itu mungkin dapat membantu.:)ingatkan diri sendiri.
part of the post actually, i try to be ape yang kite tulis.heee.:)

same goes to you,banyak sangat post yang motivate orang.inspire others to be in that way.dapat pahala.:).cant wait to meet u dearie sister.muahhh.:)

ILOVEYOU kakak.!

bella dela rosa said...

if i say im jealous if u love too many people boleh?hehe because of i want to keep u for myself jugak teheee.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum akak, sila view link ini, untuk pedoman dan pengajaran kita semua. thank u, have a nice day

ArxarNadhirah said...

mashaAllah this is sooo sweet kakak ~~ :)
i guess i know who bella feels knowing that you wrote somethg soo special about her. and i feel grateful too knowing you and my dear Bella
both of you are soooo lovely & charming~ :)

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* si faraa :)
Alhamdulillah~ the more that kak aimie get to know our dear bella, the more beautiful she is to kak aimie~ <3

* Nanie Hussin:
Indeed she is kn nanie..? ;) Alhamdulillah, that we get the opportunity to know people like her who is always so appreciative of others~ I've been reading ur blog as well dear & loving all of your post~InsyaALLAH, hoping to meet u in person 1 fine day~ till then, take care nanie~ :)

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* cik fazilah:
sweet like honey~ *wink2* hehe. thank u dear~ but then there's nothing to be adored pun about me~ :) bella on the other hand mmg someone yg very special~

* nawariah :)
InsyaALLAH, like what bella have written in her post about bidadari, let us pray that we shall all become a ketua bidadari 1 fine day~ *aMeeN* :)

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

** bella dela rosa:

*oopppsiie daaissyy* caught red handed~ :P hehehe..

tapi exam ari tue boleh buat kn kn..? ;)InsyaALLAH~

mane ada kakak nie rajin syg, kakak edit using such a simple software je pun~ :) wasn't a trouble at all~ hehe.

haaa~ nnti mase kita dating, bella kena ingat utk hug & kiss kakak taauuu~ :)) heheheh *yahoooo* dpt hugs & kisses from someone as gorgeous as bella~ ;)

honestly dear, you truly deserve all these compliments because this is who ALLAH swt have created you to be~ Jadi, Bella kena bersyukur pada ALLAH swt & never forget HIM.. for without HIM, we are nothing~ Bila kita bersyukur & sentiasa ada keinginan to constantly improve ourselves, InsyaALLAH HE'll bless us with more greatness~ *aMeeN*

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Alhamdulillah sgt2~ because even after getting such compliments, Bella STILL remember who CREATED us all~ :) & that what ever we all have today are all borrowed from HIM~ IT IS VERY good that Bella is still HUMBLE~ Alhamdulillah~ :)

Don't worry sweetheart~ we are all human beings, full of imperfections~ ALLAH swt have created us this way so that there will always be room for improvements & InsyaALLAH so that we shall never forget HIM in what ever situation we're in~ :)

Trust me sweetie~ kakak lagiiii tak sabar nk meet adik kesygan kakak nie tau~ I love You Even much much more sweetheart~ & kakak really2 feel blessed to be given the opportunity to know & love someone as uniquely special as you~ :) Alhamdulillah~

p/s: bella dela rosa syg, no matter what happens, kakak punya love for bella would be truly exclusive just for you~ :) InsyaALLAH~ <3

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* Anonymous:
Jazak Allah Khairan for the reminder :) InsyaALLAH akan jadikn rujukn & peringatan~ Azhak Allah sinnaka :)

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* ArxarNadhirah:

This is nothing if compared to how special ALLAH swt have created bella & all HIS other great people dear~ :)

kakak really2 can't wait to date with you 2 beautiful ladies real sooonn~ :) InsyaALLAH~ <3

& it has been an honor knowing both you sweet ladies in my life~ :)May this friendship last forever~ *ameen* :)

syasya said...

huhu sweetnye....truly agree!

Anonymous said...

ish... ambik gambar my bakal isteri ni kena mintak permisyen bakal laki dia ni dulu tau Kak oi.

nur syahirah said...

sis aimi lawa
teringin nak jumpa

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* syasya :
Thank You for agreeing dear~ :)

* Anonymous:
*owh, sorry* but how can I ask permission from a person whom I don't even know..? & whom bella herself don't admit of having..? :)

* nur syahirah :
Sweetie~ These are actually our dear Bella Dela Rosa's picture in this post~ :) She's very beautiful kn..? hehe.. kak aimie rase syahirah teringin nk meet with bella actually :) <3 hehe.

nur syahirah said...

tahu kak aimie,niee sis bella,,
tapi syahirah teringin post kat sini.hihi

btw,teringin nak jumpa dgn sis aimi:)
kak aimi sgt baek:')
dan lawa!
do visit my blog k.aimie
syg akak

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* nur syahirah:

*alaahaaiiii* sweetnyaaa Syahirah nie~ <3 huGs <3
Kak aimie actually selalu jgk visit blog syahirah but then before this tak berani nk become a visible follower sbb syahirah jauuuhhh lebih islamic & baek dr kak aimie~ jadi, kak aimie terus rase segan sgt2 tau~ :)

Syahirah inspire kak aimie to slowly become a more better & islamic muslimah..*Alhamdulillah sgt2* :) Kak Aimie bersyukur dpt kenal syahirah tau~ :)

InsyaALLAH 1 fine day kita akan meet up k syg..? :) but then kak aimie nie tak lawa mane pun dear~ Apa yg ada pada kak aimie suma nya pinjaman dr ALLAH swt~ SubhanALLAH~ :)

Syg jgk Syahirah~ :) <3

nur syahirah said...

wah..terharunya k.aimi syg syahirah
syukran jaziilan ukhti..
xdelah..insyaALLAH akak,kita sama2 menjadi yg terbaek tuk mngejar ukhrawi nnti.

syahirah biasa-biasa jer sis,:)
saya lagi bersykur dpt kenal sis yg sgt2 generous2..
xsngka sis can spend ur time nk reply comment syahirah nie..:')

hee.insyaALLAH,ada jodoh nak jumpa sangat2 kak aimi...:)

uhhibuki jiddan lillahi taa'la