♥ friend request ♥

I know that some might consider me as 'Sombong' just 
because I don't randomly approve any friend requests But 
I've got my own reasons why I prefer it to be in such manner :)
ONE of it is because I would rather have friends who are sincere to 
be a dear friend of mine rather than to have thousands of friends 
whom I don't know & vice versa because honestly, I am sure that 
no one likes to be judged without people getting to know us 1st ♥

Personally, I prefer if anyone who wants to add us up to 
at least just introduce themselves first, from there we'd be 
able to get to know each other~ it some how shows more 
respect as well in some way or another~ :)

Just imagine if a total stranger comes up to us in person & 
suddenly tells us.."HEY, WE'RE FRIENDS". Now, wouldn't 
that sort of freak us out..? :) hehehe. Honestly, that is how 
I sincerely feel when total strangers who tries to add us up 
without even a single hello~ :)


Marya Hana . said...

i totally agree wif u dear.. :)
i don't approve strangers, walau di cop "sombong".

~aLiYa~ said...

so true! sbb tu jugak alia x approve semua friend requests. :)

Raihana Izzati said...

That is correct.I dont approve any request from strangers. At least there must be mutual friends.

Then I would PM him/her asking wether that person really knew me. Last time a kid[15-years-old girl] jusk simply answered "entah.tak kenal pun.sesaja nak add"

And I was like,its so weird. How come nak add stranger. I mean nak kawan boleh but at least intro dulu. As we cant believe everything on the virtual sangat. Bahaya.

You're right. So just stay macam tu :)

ahsfantasy24 said...

hmm na try add gak la sis,
agk2 ny msuk list waiting ta?

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* Marya Hana :
It's actually a good thing kn dear..? :) it'll be able to prevent unwanted things to happen, maybe not a lot but a lil~ :)

* ~aLiYa~:
*yay* gang~ :) hehe. Sometimes, fb is a lil bit personal if compared to blog. that is why it is better to approve people whom we know only~ :)

* Raihana Izzati :
hehe~ seriously..? a 15year old kid..? & the way she answered is actually unacceptable indeed~ hmm. kids these days~ hehe.

But it's actually very kind of you to PM them & ask whether they know you~ If it was me, honestly.. i'd just ignore such unknown friend request~ hehe. I guess that is why people tend to think that I am sombong kot~hehe :)InsyaALLAH I will dear~ :)

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

* ahsfantasy24:
If awak introduce yourself, then InsyaALLAH sis will approve you dear~ :)