♥ You're not losing but .... Gaining (part 2) ♥

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You must be wondering..
When everyone around us treats failure as if it's like the END of the ROAD~

 It's not a surprise to hear some sad cases where people actually 
jump off the building & do SO many other ridiculous things due to 
the mounting stress that failures can bring to a person especially 
after all the hard-work.

*Yes, I admit..I've failed a couple of times*
Due to those failures it has made me become stronger & I
 realize that ALLAH swt would NOT test us with such obstacles
UNLESS if HE KNOWS that we SHALL be able to go
through it. Just as how I have written in my previous post:
♥ The Brighter Side ♥.

As Much as I'd like to go back to the past & change so many things,
however I realize that regretting WON'T BRING ME ANY WHERE
but it would only make me feel more depressed.

I personally believe that a piece of paper shouldn't be the determination
of how smart we are & we should never allow it to pull us down.

Recently, I spoke to a very wise ustazah who is very dear to me.
Ustazah Yazilmiwati Bt Yaacob taught me that in order to live happy,
we must always hold on to 3principles in life:
Acceptance, Gratefulness & Sincerity.

1) Acceptance:
Each time when Allah swt gives us any form of challenges or obstacles,
we need to realize that ALLAH the AL-MIGHTY gives those challenges
to us because HE loves us all, wouldn't want us to forget HIM & wants us
to always stay HUMBLE for HE is our CREATOR & we are all HIS creation.

2) Gratefulness 
The wise people always say that sometimes, the biggest
Gift from ALLAH swt is given in the form of OBSTACLES.
Hence, we must always be GRATEFUL to HIM for giving us these
challenges as through these obstacles we are able to grow, improvise
ourselves & it should always remind us all that HE's always there to
love & look after us.

3) Sincerity
Allah swt has written in the Surrah Al-Baqarah:155


And We will surely test you with something of fear 
and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and 
fruits, but give good tidings to the patient, 
Who, when disaster strikes them, say, 
"Indeed we belong to Allah , and 
indeed to Him we will return."
Those are the ones upon whom are 
blessings from their Lord and mercy. 
And it is those who are the [rightly] guided.

Berilah berita gembira kepada mereka 
orang-orang yg sabar, iaitu orang-orang , 
yang ketika musibah, mereka berkata:
"Sesungguhnya kita adalah milik Allah 
& kepada-NYA kita kembali."

Allah has clearly mentioned in the Qur'an for whom ever leads
their life sincerely for ALLAH swt, then INSYAALLAH He shall
grant us goodness in everything that we do.

La Tahzan~ Don't be sad if when things that we planned don't
turn out the way that we expected it to be. Always keep in mind
that we humans can plan BUT it is Him who allows it to happen.

When ever we fail, avoid thinking negatively as it may lead us in doing
things that ALLAH has prevented us from doing. Instead, think
POSITIVELY & get closer to ALLAH by reading the Qur'an, Pray
& make Du'a. By doing all that, InsyaALLAH we'll be more at peace.

Always believe that when He fails us, it doesn't mean that He does not love us.
Instead, try looking at it in a more positive perspective as He wants us to learn
that subject matter deeper in order for us to become an expert in that field for
it shall be useful for us in the upcoming future.

How long the journey takes to reach our goal does not actually matter because
what we GAIN through out the Journey in REACHING our destination is MORE
IMPORTANT as it is what differentiates us all from one another. Sometimes, ALLAH
purposely delay our journey so that we'd GAIN MORE from others, appreciate what
we've achieved & most importantly for us to always stay HUMBLE.

So don't ever forget to
for ALLAH loves us~

Someone special recently dedicated this song to me.
I personally feel that this song has a very deep meaning.
Thank U farah for sharing it with kak Aimie~ :)

E.N.J.O.Y & at the same time try to understand the lyrics~ ♥

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