♥ Dowry ♥

The true value of a lady doesn't depend upon how much 
dowry that she receives but how well she'll be able to 
take good care of her husband after the wedding.

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The true value of a man isn't upon how high the dowry that he is
able to give to his wife-to-be but how much happiness & guidance 
that he can provide to his wife once the ceremony is over.

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Money might be important these days but always remember
 that money should NEVER be the measurement of happiness.

Islam doesn't burden anyone who wishes to get 
married as marriage is classified as an Ibadah.

A dear sister of mine name Maryam Anisah 
recently shared with me this wise piece of 
informative advice which I find to be very 
much related to this topic:

"Sesungguhnya di antara keberkatan wanita ialah memudahkan 
peminangan dan kemudahan maharnya". - [Riwayat Ahmad]


[Daeng Ieyma Ismani] said...

btul2!! i'm agreed dear ^____^

PiNky@hEarT said...

yes aimi, definitly.. =)