Rise --> Fall --> Rise :)

Albert Einstein

Sir Richard Benson

Thomas Edison

Michael Jordan

Now.. Tell me dear ones.. :)

What do they have in common..?


The Answer IS:

They have failed so many times in their lifetime 
 they never use those failures
 as a reason for them to Quit


they see those falling moments

as a mean for them to reach their goal

 in a more variety manner.

The lesson: 

Always rise after each fall because 


If we always keep in mind that,
failure is NOT the end of the Journey But
they are just Bumps
 that guides us to the RIGHT path,

 At the end of each road,
there will always be 
a Grand Reward await 
for each one of US
 who are Patient & Never Give Up.

 إن شاء الل

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Anonymous said...

Some of them like Einstein had learning difficulties as kids too :)