Guilty as Charged

Yes, I am guilty for LOVING so MANY people in My life~ :)
These people here are very dear to my heart~

They've been there for me each time when ever that I needed them the most~
They are able to love me for who I am & yes that includes all my flaws.

Without each 1 of them, I'd be lost.
All I can say here is, they mean THE WORLD to me..

Lemme introduce to You ..1 by 1 :)

Alia Abd Halim 
First & the MOST important person would OBVIOUSLY be my 
Beloved sister..
Despite the fact that we're both so much different from each other, 
YET she still Loves me so dearly for WHO I AM~ Alhamdulillah~ :)

Saya sayaang sgt2 awak alia~
She's definitely someone whom I really look up to~
She's beautiful Inside & Out~ <3

Fifi Tajudin :)
Even though we were given birth by different mothers 
& we OBVIOUSLY do not share the same father,
But..She is still a very dear sister to me~
She's always beautiful & sweet 
She is the cure to my sadness 
& to her I KNOW i can tell all my deepest darkest secret to~ 
Kak Aimie Sayang & Miss sgt2 Fifi~ 
Nur Nabilah Mohamad Shahizan &
Nur Nabihah Mohamad Shahizan
My 2adorable version of Mary-kate & Ashley Olsen~ *wink2* :)

The green Guy..? well, Non-other than my s2bF 
Dinie Rifdi Khairudin
I Don't care any longer if anyone wants to say that 
I often am too expressive about my feelings towards him, 
because You have NO CLUE how special he is~ 
Alhamdulillah, thank YOU ALLAH swt for this wonderful gift~~ :)
You Complete me syg~

The girl with the white hijab..? :)
Nor Hasni Mansor 
Even though we've only met ONCE, 
But I knew right from the beginning how beautiful her heart is~ 
The thing that I love most about her..? is Simple..
When she cares about someone, she truly cares for them so deeply :) 
She's an amazing girl indeed~

Elle, Juju & Wanie
Believe me, 
these girls here..
 are not the kind of girls that you should be messing around with.
They're intelligent, beautiful & very protective.
The thing that I will always remember about them is..
 how they really2 cared about me during my diploma years 
when ALL the other people around me were totally against me. 
But, Nope.. they have ALWAYS stood up for me. 
That is why they deserve a very2 special place in my heart~ :)

Sharifah Syifaa
Even though we've lost contact for almost 10 WHOLE years, 
& we hardly meet up BUT despite that fact, 
 we always keep tabs about each other's life~ :) 
that's how easy it is for me to click with this fabulous girlfriend of mine.
Most importantly, 
I know for SURE that she will always be by my side 
to back me up & to give her full support 
when ever I'm hurt :)

Nur Farzanaa
Given the opportunity to know this amazing girl 
from my dearest fifi was like a blessing in disguise. 
I was so devastated to know fact that
 fifi had to move to Syria to
 further up her studies BUT ALHAMDULILLAH, 
she resembles so much like her dearest best friend Fifi tajudin~ :)
Now, when ever that I miss having Fifi around, 
I have this amazing girl 
who is just as special as fifi to always be near me~ 

Shereen, Ruth, Shalenee & Ranjenee
Think about 1 Malaysia, 
then you Will straight away remember us~ hehe.
Who ever said that different races can't be good friends,
then they are definitely missing out a special kind of friendship.
Throughout my 3years of studies in Sunway University College,
they have been My mentor, my family, my best friends & so MUCH MORE.
How I really2 miss those times when I can just easily see each 1 of them each morning.
But I realize the fact that life waits for no one.
I pray that each 1 of them will always be in safe place slowly achieving all their dreams :)

& yes, this is what I LOVE to do to all my Girlfriends. 
Each 1 of them :)
Kisses to all You Girls~ 

Warda, Nafeesa, Alia, Aliya & Raudhah MIA: Sakina
We've been through all the ups & downs together for almost 12years now. 
Each 1 of them are unique in their very own ways.
BUT most importantly, 
when we're all together it's like we really2 compliment each other 
& everything just feels right :)


.. the list doesn't stop here OF COURSE~ hehe.

there's more..
  Izzati Syahirah 
My soul sister

SheQueen Ahmad
A friend whom would truly understand all her friends' feelings

* Adyla Afyqa
A special girl whom I just got to know from my dearest brother Muhammad Adib.
Obviously she is his special someone.
& I couldn't agree more on why he loves her so dearly.

* Kak Putri Noraini
Kak Yus Emilia Yusof
I got to know them both from Najjah Boutique but from there, 
a beautiful friendship had blossomed. 
They've always given me their full support 
even though I KNOW for a fact that I don't stand a chance 
but they made me believe in myself.

& to ALL my other friends who i've not mentioned here, 
ALL you people mean a lot to me.
I am truly blessed to have each 1 of u as a part of my life.

thank you for everything that you have done for me 
& I am truly sorry if i haven't spent enough
 time with you girls~

Aimie Abd Halim :)


SheQueen Ahmad said...

aimi dear, sangat terharu di atas penghargaan yg diberikan di atas..besides, i'm just a normal girl with so many flaws..huhu ;) thanks so much 4 being such a wonderful u! ;)

Aimi Abd Halim said...

SheQueen Syg,
sorry aimi tak letak any of ur pics~ bukan tak nk tau.. but takde. jd, aimi tamau laa memandai je amek pics SheQueen from ur fb kan dear..? hehe. sbb tue laa aimi teringin sgt2 nk go out dgn sheQueen :) Love u More sweetie~

Putri Noraini said...

Life is short and it will be measured not for its length but how many lives you have touched and how many souls you made happy.

I love you dearly... ^_^

Kak Putri

Anonymous said...

i just drop by ur blog, was searching for something in google than ur blog just popped up. nice blog. n seems like u really adore the people around you esp ur bf. what a great life. :) i have a bf and he is very selfish, live in his own world, clinging to his carrier and boring, and did'nt know how to take care. do u have the same experience? i m thinking to dump him