If only we could separate emotions from feelings, 
life would of course be great & much simpler but 
less magical :) 

Thus the reason being why ALLAH keeps our journey of 
life as a secret until the 'right' moment comes for it to be 
known & revealed :) * Wallahu A'lam*

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Ainaa KZ said...

Salam kak. Tahniah dah kahwin Dah selesai semua majlis. Sorry tak datang wedding akak. Actually, I didnt get the wedding card Nak contact akak tp I lost my phone. And lost all the numbers too. Sedih sangat sangat. Every week I went back home, asked my mom "ainaa ada surat x mak?" mak ckp takde. Nak contact akak kt blog, salu tak menyempat. On9 kejap kejap je. On9 pun guna wifi uia, to sent the assignment thru email or download docs from lectures. Apapun, tahniah ye!! Utk akak & suami, abg dinie. Semoga penyatuan kalian kekal ke Syurga bersama-sama. Dpt anak2 yg soleh solehah. Amiin ya rabbal a'lamin. LOVEYOU kak!! muahhhx