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As'salammualaikum My dearest Beautiful Readers~ :)

How's your weekend so far dear ones? :)

This is actually just a short post update from me~
I thought of sharing with all you sweeties 1 of my most 
favourite all time addictions~ :) I am very2 sure that all of 
you dear ones know this du'a very2 well~ :) It is the du'a 
that we'd recite each time when we finish reading 
the Qur'an~ :)

ONE MAJOR thing that I personally believe is that; everything
 that was written inside the QUR'AN has it's magical power that 
will NEVER fail in making us all *including myself* feel so 
much at peace for the Qur'an holds the ability to heal 
EVERYTHING & ANYTHING in this world~~ :)

Hence, when ever we need ANY sorts of solutions to 
ANYTHING in this world, seek from ALLAH through 
HIS Qur'an~ :)

Du'a after reciting the Qur'an


Allah ,divert my restlessness in the grave into peace.

O Allah! let me receive Your mercy by means of the Noble Qur’an 

and make it my guide as well as a source of light, guidance and grace for me.

O Allah ! revive my memory of whatever I was made to forget from the Noble Qur’an, grant me understanding of whatever part I know not, enable me to recite it during hours of day and night and make it my main argumentative support (in all matters),

O Nourisher of the worlds. 

Such beautiful rythme with deep meaning~
SubhanALLAH~ :)

Till we Meet again dear loves,

Sweet Dreams~ :) 

Let us make it a habit to always perform our ablution (wudhu') 
every night before we go to sleep~ ;) *Insha'ALLAH we'll all 
have a peaceful good night sleep~ ;) ♥   

*huGs* Take Care dear ones~ :) ♥

~~Lots & TONS of LOVE~~,
AimieRifdi~ :)

May Allah keep you cheerful – 

Fi Amanillah 

ps: It turns out that this Humble blog of mine had just turned 
1year old last 6th of February 2012. Thus, Happy 1 year anniversary 
to you my simple companion~ ;) <3 May we both grow wiser together~ 
Insha'ALLAH~ *ameen* :)

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