♥ As Long As We Got Love ♥

  "As Long As We Got Love"  

When Settling down for the right one, it is not a matter of being choosy or even picky,
It is about finding that 1 soul that fits perfectly with ours because when settling down,
It's not only for a day but for our entire life *Insha'ALLAH*

SubhanALLAH~ GOD (ALLAH swt) is really2 Great~ HE does not only give us the 
person whom we ask for & want BUT HE also grants us those unrealized needs 
that most of the time we don't actually realize why we've got them until the right time 
comes~ MasyaALLAH~  :)

Alhamdulillah~ :) As days passes by, I no longer only want you Dinie Rifdi but 
Insha'ALLAH I Need you~ Just as How you keep telling me that you need me to~ 

LOVE is Patient & Kind;
Love is NOT Jealous or Conceited or Proud;
Love is NOT ill-mannered, or selfish or Irritable;
Love does NOT keep record of wrongs.
Love is NOT Happy with evil BUT it is HAPPY with the TRUTH.

Love NEVER gives up: It's faith, Hope & Patience never fail :)

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