Urgent: Helper Needed~ :)

As'salammualaikum Dear Ones~ :) 

During the Keyya Kayya Bazaar VOL 1.0~ :)

I would like to sincerely seek for your help in searching for a new helper (maid) 
who is honest, hardworking, sincere, truthful, trustworthy, faithful & etc :)

The new helper is needed urgently & if possible by this 1-2months time as the 
current helper would be going back for good.. my mom really2 needs to find a 
replacement as soon as possible~ :)

Do not worry, as the house does not have any children that needs to be taken care of.
I would highly appreciate it if my mom does not need to go through any agents & etc,
as it would consume more time~ :) Any cost for the related documents, passport &
transportation that are needed will Insha'ALLAH be fully covered & taken care of~ :)

If anyone whom may help me out, please please please do not hesitate to email me at:

Jazak Allah Khairan Dear Loves~ :)
Thank you Sweethearts~ 

Your Help is Very Very MuCh Appreciated~ :)

Hayyak Allah 
( May Allah maintain your life )

Azhak Allah sinnaka
( May Allah keep you cheerful )

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~eZmALiZa~ said...

beauty words comes from the beauty one :) masyaALLAH :)