♥ ♥ Allah Made Us ALL Beautiful ♥ ♥

WE often hear of the saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder? :)
However, do u know dear ones that to Allah we were All created beautifully by HIM.
There were no mistakes, Everything in every ways that HE had created
in us has a solid reason & is perfect just the way it is. 

When ever we complain how we're not tall, skinny, fair enough or
don't have smooth skin, think again.. Isn't that us not being appreciative to
what Allah swt has given to us all dear ones? How about those who were
born with no capabilities to walk, talk or even see..? Why is it that they are
much appreciative towards life if compared to us who have it all~

Hence, Be confident & GRATEFUL with WHO YOU are sweethearts~ :)
for NO ONE can pull off being you better than you, yourself dear ones~ ;)
Always remember that EACH & EVERYONE of us was created by 
ALLAH swt to be very much special just the way we are & that we
ONLY have 1 chance to live this life that has been gifted to us all~ :)

Why do we wanna be different when, there are so many people out there
who wished that they were more like you. Yes.. YOU, my dear loves :)

Thus, never regret. Be thankful &
Insha'ALLAH, once we're thankful
Allah swt shall give us more in return :) 

Hence, Let's use it wisely by sharing the love & appreciating ourselves
& all the wonderful people around us~ :) Remember dear ones, when
we accept, appreciate & respect who we are, then only others will do so~ :) 

Never Let other people's criticisms pull us down, instead use 
them to build a better us not for others but for ourself~ ;)

Let us make it a habit to see & appreciate more of the goodness rather
than focusing on the weaknesses~ :) Remember to always start our day with
ALHAMDULILLAH & Insha'ALLAH we shall realize how beautiful
this world actually is~ :)

here's a video that I found on fb which I personally feel that it is indeed
something beautiful to be watch~ :) Enjoy watching it & let us together
make small positive changes everyday~ ;) Insha'ALLAH~

Till we meet again~
As'salammualaikum Dear ones~

*Take Care*


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