Past & Future :)

No matter how bad our past experience might've been, never ever resent them 
because by regretting, it means that we're putting the Blame on Allah swt 
when the fact is Allah wouldn't have given those past experience to us all 
unless if HE knows that they'll be beneficial for us all dear ones~ ;)

I am truly grateful that no matter how painful some parts of my past can be 
but still it makes me appreciate the beautiful moments that I go through 
today & in the future :)

I appreciate all the wrong people whom ALLAH has sent to me as much as 
I cherish all the wonderful ones in my life. Because without them I wouldn't 
be able to learn the lessons that Allah swt wanted me to learn & most 
importantly I wouldn't be able to recognize & appreciate the great 
supportive love ones who cares for me so truly. Alhamdulillah :)

Hence, always be thankful because the past is all the reasons 
why we are who we are today~ :)

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