♥ On HIS Graduation Day :) ♥

As'salammualaikum Dear Ones~ :)

Alhamdulillah, Last Sunday 9.10.11 was a very joyful day, as I was given the opportunity to be there & witness my fiancee obtaining his scroll from IIUM, Gombak~ :) Alhamdulillah, after 4years of studies under the programme of bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical-Automotive) he managed to complete his studies & graduate with honors~ :)

I don't know why but then this song somewhat best relates to how I am feeling right now~ ;)
Thank you to my dearest gorgeous Nur Farzanaa for sharing this song at her wall on fb~ :)
Alhamdulillah~ You have made Me & Both Our families to be Very Proud Of You~ ♥ 
Thank You to My dear Beautiful Yaza For giving me the opportunity to accompany her inside the ceremony in order for me to be there to witness my dearest fiancee obtaining his scroll~ :) Alhamdulillah~ ps: aimie owe awak sooo much tau dear yaza~ :) thank yooouuu~ 
I pray that InsyaALLAH this shall be the very beginning of many more success for our future together~ :) Alhamdulillah~ ♥ I really2 am very grateful & honored to have you as mine syg~ :) I Love You Manyak2~
No matter What, we should never forget those who have been there for us throughout all these years, to give us the full moral support that we needed throughout all our ups & down~ They whom we call 'our true friends'~ :) 

Till We Meet Again,
Take Care Dear Ones~ :)


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