♥ My Very Special Syawal 1432 :) ♥

As I grow older, I start to realize & treasure the valuable things in life that I used to take for granted. The most obvious matter is how precious my family is to me~ You see dear ones, this year's Eid ul-fitr is very much different & More Meaningful to me as it is so much more special from the ones that I've had for the past few years *especially the last 4 years*~ Because it has been almost 4years now that My dearest beautiful lil sister Alia who is studying medicine in Australia has not been around for the eid ul-fitr festive season to celebrate it with us family here in Malaysia~ :)

This year, Alhamdulillah she sacrificed her 10days of workload at the hospital to be here with us during the last few days of Ramadhan & 6days of Shawal~ It was truly a blessing to have her again with us this year~ ALHAMDULILLAH~ Only ALLAH knows how EMPTY my eid ul-fitr has been for the past 4years when she was not around~ :) Yes, I would cry every single morning of eid ul-fitr when she was not around~ She's my one & only precious lil sister that I have in this world. Hence, in my eyes & heart no matter how grown up she might be, she will always be my lil baby sister~ :) ♥* always* ♥
Trust me dear ones, back then I wouldn't actually know how to appreciate it when my family was able to go 'beraya' together when all my siblings was all still here in Malaysia~ Ever since my lil sister flew to Australia 5years back to further her studies there, that was then I realized how important & more special it'll be when the entire family could spend the eid ul-fitr together as whole complete family~ ALHAMDULILLAH~ The feeling of completeness as a family is something that not a single friend can ever give to us dear ones~ :')
Today, on the 28th of September my dearest handsome lil baby brother; Muhammad Arif has flew back to London after almost 4months on holiday~ Despite the fact that he loves to bully so much but I know that deep down inside of me I shall really2 miss him sooo much just as how I am really missing my dearest sister Alia so terribly much already~ :') *yes indeed, each time when ANY of my siblings would go far away, i'd cry despite the fact that they do come back home at least twice a year, it still tears my heart apart to see them go so far away from our family*

Further more, another reason why this year's eid fitr holds a very deep meaning for myself is because being an engaged lady, I realize the fact that *InsyaALLAH* by next year's Eid ul-fitr, I would most likely be a wife by then~ Hence, this means that my eid ul-fitr celebration would no longer be the same from next year onwards~ realizing these facts, it truly made me feel very much in touched with my emotions~ I believe in ALLAH that InsyaALLAH My Eid ul-fitr celebration next year shall still be special.. just different~ A new experience *Alhamdulillah* :)

Aside from ALL that, I really had a beautiful 1 month of Syawal because it gave me the opportunity to meet up back again with my dearest friends~ :) Alhamdulillah~ here are a few other activities that I did during this special festive season~ :)

* my small raya gathering

* Friends & Relatives' Open Houses~ :)
My dear pretty Farah Diana & I at Quyra's makan2~ ;)
US at Bang chak's eat2 session~ hehehe~ :))

* Raya Weddings :)
* The Beautiful Couple's Wedding: AMEERA & HASHRUL :)
* The Sweet Couple's Wedding: Kak WANIE & Abg ZUL :) 

* Hanging Out Sessions~ :)
Aliya, Nafeesa, Warda & Raudhah :) My high school sweethearts~ :)

As for my Ramadhan, I have learnt to realize that Between tolerance and acceptance, I would prefer acceptance as it means that we are able to accept someone as how they are with a sincere heart.. and that is what friendship is all about..

p/s: I can be a lil too sensitive at times despite the fact that I know that it's not actually good to be so but I'm only like that If I Care too MuCH for that person~ May it be my family members, fiancee or spceial close friends~ :) InsyaALLAH i'll try to change~

Till we meet again sweethearts~ :)

As'salammualaikum dear ones~ *huGs*

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Anonymous said...

i love these entry very2 much.. a lots of pictures!! besides, it reminds me the day i have celebrated eid with my family.. May Allah bless us and our families.. :)