♥ ♥ FoY's: Hijab Tutorial II :) ♥ ♥

As'salammualaikum Dear Ones~ :)

Alhamdulillah, I am very much grateful to ALLAH swt
for allowing me to still have the time to make this 2nd hijab
tutorial despite my very tight daily schedule~ :) Not to forget
to all of you dear ones who have given me your full support~
ALHAMDULILLAH~ :) ♥ ♥ Thank You :) ♥ ♥

Without any further adieu, what you shall need for this hijab tutorial is:
1 square hijab
1 dangling brooch
1 small brooch
2 jarum peniti
1 inner

Remember sweeties, practice makes perfect~ ;)
*Good LuCk & Have Fun Trying out this Style* :)
Again, I am truly sorry for anything that was
lacking or wrong in this video~ :)

Sorry also for the super duper delay~
forgive me please sweethearts ♥ ♥ :)

Till we meet again for the 3rd tutorial~
Stay Tuned & Take Care~ :)

(: Fi Amanillah :) 


Farah.Mazlan said...

aimie dear,dpt idea dah cane nk variasikan tudung bawal kan.. sayang juga, dah lame tudung bawal x pakai..sllu pakai shawl je..cantek!tp, broooch gantung2 tu takde..kena carik.hehe.

*psstt..ketinggalan.baru tahu aimie ade blog!sigh~.dah jadik one of ur followers!pls2.. upload lagi hijab tutorial!:D

Anonymous said...

canteq sangat style ni...kat ind0nesia mmg trend dah pakai tdg camnih

teenot said...

cantik la akak pakai cmnie..hihi..nk try pun tak confident jer..huhu..akak,kite dh add fb akak..:)