♥ Let's Start Fresh :) ♥

When the sun starts to shine, let's put All our worries behind
because Alhamdulillah we're given another chance by
Allah swt to live a brand new day today :)

Hence, let's start Fresh & make today worth living by 
making it better than yesterday ;) InsyaAllah.

Throw away those negative thoughts & put on our best smile~ :)

Have A graceful Tuesday Dear Ones~ :) *huGs*

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Happy Raya shopping sweethearts~ ;)


HopelessKlutz said...

salam. :)
i've always been inspired by your positive posts. they made me feel like everything will be okay once u throw away all the negative thoughts inside ur head and start to think positively. but it's not an easy thing to do (at least for me) :( i really wish that i could be as positive as you.. anyway, thanx for all the wonderful reminders sister. may u have a blessed ramadhan. :)

Zulaikha Harith's said...

eh shiera firhat ade disitu :)
Hai kak aimi, salam, i am your silent reader :P nice to know you pretty girl :) seriously ika suka tgk kak aimi ;))))