~Gift by ALLAH swt~

When We're given a gift by ALLAH swt *may it be any skills or talent*, 
NEVER ever misuse it for the purpose to hurt or to take advantage on others
my dear sweethearts~ :)

Because when we do, DON'T be surprised if One day 

ALLAH swt decides to take it all away.

Thus, be thankful for what we have dear ones :) 

Everything that was given by ALLAH swt has it's 
purpose for the human kind :)

Before we start complaining about how we're not beautiful, smart or rich 
enough, think of those people who 

can't see or hear

or even speak 

& live in poverty.

If compared to them, do we still feel unfortunate dear ones? :)

 Then let us start appreciating what Allah SWT has given to us all & 
InsyaAllah when we do, HE'll give us more in return. Alhamdulillah.

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tirah said...

mcm mana nak buat tudung macam awk pakai tu eh...leh bagi tutorial x kt youtube..yg mcm colour kuning tu