♥ First V-log :) ♥

Really2 Sorry dear ones if I seem to be so nervous~
hehe.. Well, that is because i AM :P

So, The main reason why I have decided to make a few
hijab tutorials is actually based upon some request & I 
thought that It'll be nice to share with you dear ones 
especially for those who've just started to wear hijab~ :)

Till We Meet again~ :) As'salammualaikum~


Ena.Adrina said...

Ya Allah, kak aimie cantik sgt tau :)

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

akak !! i like ! i love !! sy suke , you are so like "bersahaja" and i LIKE lah~ please do upload to hijab tutorials cepat2 kak ~

love 1ooooox

Cik Sehari said...

it is a nice 1st v-log, u look natural jerr 4 me :)

Nanie Hussin said...

MasyaAllah aimie. I love it, you are so beautiful!.. hehe. Can't wait to learn from your tutorial. thank you for sharing aimie! love.:)

eva najwa said...

hai kak aimie. upload cepat2 taw. x sabar nak tengok tutorial akak. hehe.