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Assalamu ‘Alaikum

Hello There Dear Ones~ :)

I Know that this is somewhat a Long Over-due post that I've promised
to update for soo looongg already~ So, Before I proceed please accept
my sincere apology~ :) 

This wonderful opportunity came to me on the 17th of June 2011 at 
06:59:25pm by the beautiful kak Sarah who is 1 of the owners of the
famous Ammara boutique ~ :) ALHAMDULILLAH

"Help!!!!!! need assistant..nk shoot nona tv3 rabu depan..are u available.
assist me and also be my petite model pls????"

When I first got that text msg from kak Sarah, I honestly couldn't
believe my eyes as I thought I was actually day dreaming because an
opportunity like this is definitely hard to find~ :) Hence, My Deepest
Sincere THANK YOU goes to the beautiful Kak Sarah & Kak Amal~


The Shooting session was done on the 22 of June 2011~ :) It all
 Started at 8am~ The make up was all credits to the talented 
Eyra Rizal Touch & Team :) 

It was a very FUN experience~ :) Alhamdulillah~ The initial plan
was that the segment would be about a petite girl whom did not know
how to style up her wardrobe~ However, I am not so sure what happened
as that segment was not aired~ :) hehe.. Here is a part of the video that was
not aired~ :)

I really2 looked so nervous at that moment.
I Suppose that is the main reason why they
decided not to proceed with the original plan~ :)

Thus, Without wasting anymore of your time,
allow me to share with all of you dear ones the
pictures that was taken by the talented 
Muhammad Azfar~ :) ENJOY~ 

The Beautiful Ainaa~ :)
The Famous Gadis Melayu3 Winner~ Rina Salleh~ :)
Eyra Rizal Touch & Team together with kak Sarah :)

The ever so Gorgeous Fatheen Nabila (gadis melayu 3)

Beautiful Kak Sarah :) One of the Owners of  Ammara boutique :)
However, sadly, On that particular day the gorgeous kak Amal was not able to take
part as she was undergoing her confinement at that period of time~ :)
Before I end this Post, Lemme share with all you beautiful readers
the slot that AMMARA BOUTIQUE was featured by NONA tv3
*~Sunday, 24 July 2011~* :)

Till We meet again Sweethearts~ :)
May Allah keep you cheerful – 



Ena.Adrina said...

lawaaa nya kakak! :D

LynN LoLa~~ said...

kak aimie cantik~ tp betol kate akak, better with lighter make-up. luv u awez sis. allthebest!

bella dela rosa said...

masa pakai tudung kelabu tu cantik

Nanie Hussin said...

Yey! Aimie I've watched you in Nona last Sunday! comel!!:)