♥ 30th July 1983 ♥

Happy 28th Anniversary My dearest 
Beautiful MAMA & Handsome PAPA~ :)

Until we grow, we never know or fully realise how sweet 
& kind our parents are, How gentle & how wise.
We simply take for granted from day to passing day Each 
sacrifice they make for us in their own loving ways..

BUT then we grow & finally learn the way that children do,
HOw much their love has really meant, How thoughtful they've
been too. And so this comes with all the thanks you both deserve
& MORE. For there aren't two dearer parents than the ones 
that aimie have.. mama & papa :)

Throughout the years, your love for each other has taught that 
patience & understanding help make a home warm & secure..
That Respect & encouragement allow each other to grow, that
Sharing & Listening bring a family closer Together..

Mama Papa..
You have a Wonderful Marriage & your anniversary reminds
me of all the reasons why I love you both so Very MuCh~ :)

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azalia hjsalleh said...

aniversery tuh sme dgn tarikh birthday kita