* Understand *

There are moments in our life when we really hope 

that another person would be able to truly understand

what we're going through but unfortunately they don't.

Fret not because no matter in what situation we're in, 

always remember that Allah swt understands & 

will always be there for us all. 

InsyaAllah :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you dear~ I just felt so frustrated because I felt like no one understood me. Feeling so much better after reading these words. May Allah (Swt) bless you!

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

Shums dear~ :) Alhamdulillah~I am truly happy to know that U're all well now~ but what ever that is good comes from Allah swt & the wrong ones are from myself as a human being~ :)

Don't worry dear, what ever that's bothering you right now InsyaALLAH has a hidden rainbow behind it all~ *InsyaALLAH*

May ALLAH swt bless u with more happiness, love & richness dear Shum in this lifetime & hereafter~ :) take care~