♥ R.E.S.P.E.C.T ♥

RESPECT is something that NEEDS to be earned. 

One needs NOT to be rich with a high position 

or older than others to be RESPECTED

If we expect people to RESPECT us, 

we MUST 1st be a person who deserves to be RESPECTED.

We should always learn to RESPECT others 1st 

& be humble in everything that we do.

NEVER assume that just because we are older than the other person,

 they need to RESPECT us. 

RESPECT comes from how 1carries themselves :)


Misz Reef said...

kebetulan sama pula dgn post rif. Respect needs to be earned. Not bcoz of u r older, kalo older pun perangai terok. ntah ler aimi..dia kakak really nk gaduh tau.

AimieRifdi Abd Halim said...

♥ hi dear Misz Reef~ :)

this post was originally aimie punya status on the May 13th 2011 ari tue~ :) ♥

but then since aimie rase cam nk share this piece of mind with the rest of the world, that is why aimie decided utk make it as a post here ;) hehe.

Actually aimie faham sgt2 apa yg rif rase because the main reason why Aimie came out with this was due to an almost similar situation as rif tau syg~ ♥

BUT, aimie came to a conclusion that if that person who's older than us, don't know how to respect us, then it's actually not our lost dear. what we can do i just to ignore & try not to be rude with them or else, we're no different from them kn syg..? :) ♥

Sabar la k syg..? even though it's easier said than done but then InsyaALLAH org yg bersabar nie byk untung nya~ *aMeen* ♥ :)

Anonymous said...

agreed with u aimie... =)