Macarons + Stranger = Messanger..?


Late One evening, I was really craving for macarons & red velvet cakes
*alright, this craving has been going on for quite sometime actually*
So, I decided to ask my fiancée out to end this craving of mine ;)

Red Velvet Cake ;)

We went to Whisk,
 a charming little family-run cafe, it is 
one of the outlets worth checking out in 
Empire Shopping Gallery. 
You can check them out HERE:
Whisk – Espresso Bar & Bake Shop
Location :
 LG03A, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang.

After I've finished making my selections,
I over heard this uncle who was 
asking the employees there
"What are these things..?"  :)
*while pointing to the macarons inside the glass*

So, being the Over-friendly girl that I am,
I helped them to answer the uncle's question.
"These are macarons uncle, 
very delicious but also very sweet tau uncle." :)

My fiancée & I just felt the need to inform the uncle 
that they're extremely sweet because as we know, 
things which are too sweet are not actually 
that healthy especially for elder people~

Surprisingly, the uncle answered me by saying,
"Alright, uncle will buy these but  
under your recommendation tau."

Feeling very2 appreciated & of course *terharu*
My fiancée & I went an extra mile to personally
 introduce each flavors to the uncle~ :)
So, finally he took 1 from each 

When my fiancée & I were ready to pay for 
our macarons & red velvet cake,
the uncle suddenly said to the person behind the cashier,
"Make their tab under mine."

We were both so shocked & *segan of course*
because seriously, how often do u meet a person as 
kind hearted & generous as he is..?
Hence, We decided to kindly decline his 
super generous offer & thanked him for it. 

before we left from Whisk,
the uncle called upon us & said to us both,

"Awak *while pointing to my fiancee* 
jaga dia *while pointing to me*

& awak *while pointing to me*
jaga dia *while pointing to my fiancee* "

My fiancée & I were both really2 touched by how 
caring he was & thanked him again for being so sweet.

After that incident, My fiancée & I just couldn't 
stop thinking & talking about it because seriously, 
how often would you cross-pass a TOTAL STRANGER 
who comes into our life & asked us 
both to look after each other..? :)

We really2 felt blessed because to us,
it was some-what like a gentle reminder 
from ALLAH swt for us both to always 
remember the things that we love about each other 
& to never forget to sincerely care for one another.

The incident reminded me again about all the 
things that I truly love about my fiancée 
& how he always makes me happy. 

Not to forget, All the beautiful moments 
that we both have shared together 
that I have lately overlooked.

~I Love U DinieRifdi~
Manyak2 tau!
Always Have, Always Will
*InsyaALLAH* :)

this was taken during his birthday last year
by the magnificent Muhammad Azfar

With this, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Illahi
for this incident & *SUBHANALLAH* may YOU bless 
the uncle's life with more happiness, love, richness 
& so much more Ya ALLAH swt *aMeen*

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