People come..People Go~ But those that matters the most are the ones that stays~ :)

Always keep in mind that not all the people that Allah swt sent to us are meant to stay.

Some have their own purposes.. 

May it be to help us out when we need a helping hand 

or to teach us the lessons that is needed for us to build ourself 

to become who we're meant to be.

So when it's time for them to go, so must we :)

By letting them go, 

we're actually allowing greater things to enter into our ~LiFE~


You're the 1 person that I can never let go of my dearest Fifi Tajudin
I Miss you sooo Much~ :)
Picture credits to: Muhammad Azfar


leyzajamil said...

nice posing..
have a gud day!!

Emilia Emilia said...

true enough kan..so many people come and go in our life..and sometimes u wonder y too..but i guess Allah knows better and whats right for us..just have to pray for the best n never give up =)
p/s miss ya babe!
Emi Emilia.