Just A Gentle Reminder & A Welcoming Note from Me :)

Dear Readers,

As you all know, this shall be my first post in my blog here as I am very much new in the blogging world. I decided to start blogging after getting some positive support from a few good friends of mine who think that I should share with people about my personal experiences, some beauty & fashion tips.

Before I start writing, there are a few things that I'd like to remind you.

Most of the things that I will be writing in here are actually my OWN life lessons, experiences and some are from my observations that I have picked up along the way. Most of the time it has NOTHING to do with anyone in specific. So, please do NOT feel like I was trying to point fingers to anyone of you because honestly if I were to criticize anyone, it would be me criticizing MYSELF.

If however, there are some people whom actually might have felt related to ANY of the statements, then I am truly sorry because as mentioned earlier it wasn't meant to be directed to anyone.

Any feedbacks is very much welcome in here BUT please do it in a gentle manner because after all I am still a normal girl who has a sensitive heart~ Looking forward to hear comments and suggestions from each one of you readers out there.

I really hope that what ever that I will be sharing in here will in a way be a benefit to you or at least entertain you. Enjoy reading :)


Just Say Cheese said...

You go sweetie! :)
Blessings all the way <3 *hugs*

Izzatie Natasha said...

k.aimi: welcome to blogging world.. :) actually memang dah lama nak suggest kat k.aimi to create blog.. can't wait to read all your beauty n fashion tips here..

fara-D said...

yay!! aimi as a blog now!!!
jangan jadi blogger pemalas like me, ok! hahaha!

Aimi Abd Halim said...

thank u darling~ :) *HuGs*
May God Bless U Too dear <3

*aww* sungguh terharu tau :)
thank u~ but then kak aimi bukannya hebat sgt pun when it comes to those things so, i'll try my best to share with u guys what ever that I can k dear..? :)

Hi awak!~ hehe.. harap2 begitu laa~ =P but then, we'll see how it goes~ if ada pembaca then confirm sy rajin update the blog ;) MuaCks!!

Anonymous said...

Salaams~! you've been awarded the stylish blogger award! Check it out at: